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Digital Receipt Capture (OCR)

Snap a quick photo of a receipt or invoice with our mobile app, and we will automatically parse out all the relevent information and import it right into your Pulse account.
No more manual entry.

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Bill Tracking

Know what you're paying for and when you have to pay it. Keep track of recurring bills. Get notifications before they are due.

Bill Tracking

Connect to banks and commerce tools

Connect to banks and commerce tools

Securely connect with over 12,000 banks and services to automatically track your income and expenses.

We also make it easy to link the tools you use to sell such as Stripe, Paypal, and Square.


Bank Grade Security

Pulse uses the same 128-bit encryption security that your online bank account does, but since we can only read your information, it's actually safer than accessing your online banking account.

The Next Web

" is operating in a fairly under-served niche. While US banking startup offers a bill tracking feature, but is limited to US citizens".

Jon Russell, The Next Web

Connect to banks and commerce tools

MergePay Pulse helps identify financial issues quickly